Thursday, 8 March

At some unknown point we all decided that it was best to take the boat back to Cape Town where we could be stamped out legitimately and wrap up a few final loose ends before heading for Namibia.

We left Kraalbaai around 7:30 this morning. Isolde expertly navigated us out of its channels and back out to Saldanha Bay. With a predominant South-Easter wind, we could sail out west until having to turn south towards Dassen Eiland. With a main sail steadying Ongemak, we motor-sailed towards the island.

The sea was rich with life today, with communities of seals greeting us. We saw lots of jelly fish and blue bottles too – all attracted by what we assumed was a red-tide (an algal bloom that takes on a red or brown colour).

Isolde and I wanted to fish and capitalise on the active sea life. I however still hadn’t found my sea-legs a needed to lie down. Right at this time, the wind had picked up and we were able to sail to Dassen Eiland, steered by Oloff’s home built, self-steering windvane. We arrived in the late afternoon and dropped anchor – the only boat in the small bay. Isolde and Oloff cooked a curry with the left-over vegetables and beans with rice. Muir tied up the dodger and we set up dinner in the cockpit, protected from the cool breeze while the sun set in the background.


 ‘The ending is the beginning, and the beginning is the first step, and the first step is the only step.’

Jiddu Krishnamurti


In order to leave, we first had to go home. Watch our trip back to Cape Town from Dassen Island in three parts (videos below).

With Table Mountain’s shape growing on the horison, we sailed back to get our passports stamped and Ongemak checked out. The decision to sail back to Cape Town was not so simple. We toyed with various options. Legally, we had to have our crew and vessel cleared out of an international harbour before we leave the country. Unofficially, many yachties follow different routes. In the end, the universe brought us back home, one last time, before we had to leave.

Video Part #1 Leaving Dassen Island, towards Table Mountain

Video Part #2 Swimming and sailing with heavy traffic in Table Bay 

Video Part #3 Finally back home at the Royal Cape Yacht Club