Wednesday, 7 March

Waking up to Kraalbaai’s natural beauty is simply a pleasure. While we wanted to braai last night, it was simply too cold and windy so this morning, Oloff and I packed the toolbox and dingy and headed to land. Just atop Preekstoel we found a braai spot. Muir and Isolde swam out to join us and we braaied overlooking the most gorgeous bay with shallow, turquoise waters.

After lunch, Muir and I lay between the boulders on the beach while Isolde and Oloff explored more of the land on foot. Motivated by the urge to bake a bread on a gas stove, Muir and I swam back to the boat where I did some work while Muir baked a surprisingly successful bread using a large pot with a grid inserted and a thermometer to help measure readiness. I prepared a Mexican spiced fried bean and carrot dish which we ate with the fresh bread.