Tuesday, 6 March

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Our driver arrived at 5:30am and drove us to Mykonos. We had to leave early to catch the high tide into Kraalbaai. It was a glorious morning as we navigated the islands and somewhat narrow entry into the Nature Reserve. We dropped anchor between the Preekstoel (a large boulder) and the Jetty – the two prominent landmarks of Kraalbaai.

Today we realised that summer had passed. The day was sunny yet cool but nothing could keep us from scrubbing Ongemak’s belly and following it’s chain the the anchor below. Muir led the pack and Isolde and I followed. Diving goggles on, sponge and camera in hand, us crew members assisted captain Muir to scrub Ongemak’s underside. Video to follow.

Muir has stood beneath her belly countless times while welding her aluminium plates, but never underwater, wedged between the sand and her hull. He reminded me of how dolphins come to play with Ongemak in the open seas – like a larger-than-life bathtub toy.

Isolde made another out-of-this-world carrot and cabbage noodle stir fry with soy and nut butter before we sank to an early sleep.