The crew on the day of departure, from left to right: Oloff de Wet, Muir de Wet, Isolde de Villiers, Ronell Jordaan.

Just as we were ready for departure, Cape Town was blessed with long awaited rain. Zulus in South Africa considers it good luck if it rains at one’s wedding. We presume it is the same for sailing and even more so in a city that has been declared a disaster area due to persistent drought.

Going through the motions of untying Ongemak from her mooring, passers by stopped and offered to take footage and roll streamers over Ongemak as she departed from the Royal Cape Yacht Club for the very last time.

We’d had our passports stamped the previous day and loaded the boat with all necessities for the journey between Cape Town and Luderitz. We were left mesmerised by Cape Town’s lights from a darkening ocean and the shimmering phytoplankton trailing behind…

Adios friends and family, read on and follow our journey!

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