Saturday, 3 March

Curious about what occurred between our last blog post “Packing Ongemak” and this post? In summary, we unpacked Ongemak. A neighbour lent us a scale and we all weighed in our personal possessions. It was a welcome relief when Oloff noted (many gasps down the line), that the scale was set to pounds (not kg). Phew. Even then, we had to perform a materialistic cleanse to end up with under 95 pounds each, excluding bicycles but including other toys, such as surfboards, which Muir and I couldn’t let go.

20180213_192110Other toys weren’t lucky enough to make the cut. We unpacked the diving equipment and the stand-up-paddle.

The ethos of the boat was set long ago – to live with as little as possible and challenge one’s necessities vs comforts. The reality is like materialistic altruism – if it doesn’t cause you a bit of discomfort (albeit perceived discomfort), you haven’t given up enough.

What can be said of such a cleansing, is that it becomes the mindset with which one chooses food, decides to share resources, and continue to become more resourceful with what one has.

Jump to Saturday, 3 March

Our dodger went up yesterday! You all may have been wondering what has kept us in Port Owen for so long. The friendly community? The pizza and cheap gin & tonic at Russell’s on Port? The production of our dodger? Yes, all of the above. But when the dodger was finally completed on Friday (thank you Jaap at Canvas Canopies), we had no excuses and in true Oloff fashion, he impulsively exclaimed: “let’s go to Kraalbaai tomorrow!”.

Again, back to Saturday, 3 March.

Today was market day at the Port Owen Yacht Club. What a splendid coincidence – we happened to have a lot of boating items we wanted to get rid of. Muir and Oloff acquired a stand and happily said goodbye to some extra weight for nearly no money at all. Ronell bought a dress – a total backslide and ethos fail. Isolde stitched a Namibian flag – she was way ahead of Kraalbaai at this stage.

The crew members (Isolde and Ronell) drove through to Langebaan. While Isolde purchased our permit for Kraalbaai (a beautiful, national nature reserve), Ronell fetched Sylvia, our first official journey guest. We left Muir’s car in Mykonos with a “for sale” sign that a passer-by couldn’t resist. Myself, Isolde and Sylvia headed back with Oloff’s car to Port Owen. Ongemak jumped to attention and we cast off, waving goodbye to our many new friends.20180303_191512

Once safely out of the Bergriver and in St Helena Bay, Sylvia popped a bottle of champagne. We clinked and headed for Stompneus Bay where we safely anchored at the end of the world. Having a guest on board made this a festive evening with cooking, wine, great conversation and many laughs.

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