Ongemak Packing Video play

Port Owen received us with a warm welcome (as is expected from this uber friendly town) on Tuesday, 13 Feb. Ongemak was given a prime mooring in front of ‘Russell’s on the Port’ Restaurant and Guest House – stylish, yet accommodating (enter four grubby boat people) where they have a master pizza oven, more suited to our saver budget than the finer cuisine on their main menu.

But this is a luxurious intro to an otherwise rather chaotic packing, re-packing, shelf-building and real-life 3D Tetris game to fit this and that into here and there. We did well we thought. We created wonderful spaces with clever space saving tricks. We were on our way to fit four bicycles, scuba gear, a stand up paddle, a ton of sun cream, a library of books, besides all our personal comforts…until Ongemak started doing a mini nose-dive below it’s waterline. Not a good sign, considering the water and diesel we still need to load. Let the de-clutter begin. Even if we have to say goodbye to Muir’s stand-up-paddle, Isolde’s (enter heavy object), my third camera and a couple of Oloff’s books. It’s sacrifice time.

In between it all, we’ve cooked amazing meals and Isolde has already successfully experimented with the 10kg organic maize-meal generously gifted to the journey and we’ve made full use of the gas stove as well as the wonder bag / slow cooker.

Pizza at the restaurant remains attractive and is also exactly where I am typing from. I will need to escape its temptation soon, after a last dip in the pool. Check out the pics!