Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 3.30.46 PMSunday, 4 March.

We awoke to a misty morning. Isolde and Oloff were up early to pull up anchor and set our course for Langebaan. Today was a long(ish) sail between Stompneus Bay and Mykonos. The mist lifted in the afternoon to reveal the landscape for the first time.

We were curiously greeted by many seals along the way. My sea legs had not yet found their footing so I was very glad to enter the still waters of Saldanha Bay to see Mykonos ahead.

Once moored, Sylvia kindly invited us to stay in their house in Langebaan for the evening.

In Sylvia’s words: “Roughing it vs ‘luxing'” it she called it. We repeated the unfailing recipe of popping champagne, cooking together, drinking wine and chatting until we all fell into our “lux(urious)” beds after the added bonus of a warm shower. Thank you Sylvia (and Carlo in your absence) for your lovely home!