I’m taking a photo right now. Hold on. This is Ongemak, pointing towards St Helena Island, over halfway there. It is almost 5pm on Saturday, 21 April.

There are surprisingly little life around us. A bird here and there. Some flying fish (I find them fascinating) and a hunting fish or two which we hope to catch. We’d probably have more luck if we actually put a line out. Tomorrow we hope.

It seems that we’ve all gained our sea legs but as far as adaptation goes, there is a lot we’re asking of our bodies. Constant CONSTANT movement, swaying from side to side. Even when you sleep it’s like your body contracts with the boat’s movements to keep your body still. Then there is sea sickness and night shifts. Now that we’re over the “hump” I do believe that our energy will pick up.

We’ve been eating like Kings though. Oloff braaied a rump steak yesterday, I’ve poached eggs rather successfully, Isolde made pancakes for breakfast which we filled with tuna mayo, Muir is making his signature smoked salmon pasta tonight. Where food is concerned, we’re so good.

We haven’t used half of our drinking water yet which is a huge relief but we could be taking more baths. The climate is finally allowing such things as getting wet at one’s own will.

Sailing has been super. The winds are at a constant and we’re making good time mostly just on a foresail. The wind vane is steering and so our only jobs are to keep a lookout for other boats and make sure our sail configuration is optimised for wind and direction. That can take a surprising amount of fine tuning and when we’re off shift, we’re still taking copious amounts of naps.