Ongemak left the Royal Cape Yacht Club toward Hout Bay, where gale force gushes and mighty swell helped it into the harbour. Next up, Cape Point. Of course, once Ongemak had successfully danced around the Cape of storms, it had earned its badge for world cruising.

It is a recommended journey with many surprises – thousands of birds launching from coastal boulders, whales waving hello, hundreds of seals popping up from behind with curious eyes or maybe hoping that we’re a fishing boat with left-overs. (Joke’s on you seals, none of us know how to fish…)

On the way back, captains and crew spent an unsteady evening at a small Mexican spot in Hout Bay, finding our land-legs on refried beans, nachos, enchiladas, tequilas and margaritas. If you’re ever in the area, check out Dee’s Mexican.